About us

About us

Staalbouw Mook is a metal fabricating company that has gained significant specialisations within the industrial, machine engineering and utility construction sectors. In addition, we provide service, assembly and maintenance work activities for steel-related components.

From a simple sketch to a detailed technical design – we can translate anything into a high-value product. Our engineering department takes care of providing the design, detail and workplace drawings using advanced 3-D drawing programs. Our well-equipped shop is equipped with clipping, drilling, cutting, setting, sawing, rolling and welding equipment. For service and maintenance, we have a fleet of fully equipped company trucks.

Since 10 May 1984, Staalbouw Mook has placed great importance on long-term, constructive relationships with customers and suppliers. We try to perform our projects as economically as possible, from the design process through to the production process, installation and service.

For a number of years now, we have focused increasingly on fabricating heavy steel welded components and non-ferrous components for transformers. Consider yoke plate assemblies and clamping plates, for example, top supports and lower footings and steel tube assemblies; but also copper connections and copper tube assemblies. Reliability and quality are paramount for this. We have the proper certification for such work activities.

Our mission also includes training our craftsmen in our workshop for engineering and business office skills. In collaboration with the technical skills education programme and regional ROCs, we educate our employees into skilled professionals. We also provide internships at every level for various educational institutions.